Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Cogs Canvas for Samantha K Gifts

Hi there. Today I would like to share with you another mixed media piece I have created recently for Samantha K. I love cogs and so I was really happy to see them included in my last DT pack. Sam has designed some brilliant mdf cog clusters and tags with bases and I was itching to have a play with them. 

I started by using some thick card which was once the back of a watercolour pad for my base and coated it with black gesso. 

I used a combination of Deco Art fluid acrylic and spray inks to add some colour to the panel. 

On black card stock I used texture paste through a  panelled stencil by Sweet Poppy designs, which I covered in mica powder and heated until it bubbled. Once dried hard I cut and arranged on my base and on the back of the tag piece ( which was also painted in gesso) and also added some texture sand for more dimension. 

Once the sand had dried I arranged my painted cogs and tag on top, alog with some die cut cogs to give even more layers. 

Then it was a case of darkening the whole thing down by dry brushing black paint over some areas, leaving the metallic mica showing through. When that was done I attached the top layers and went wild with the gilding wax until I had created an effect I was happy with. 

I finished it off with a sentiment from the Sheena Douglass Time Traveller series of stamps. 

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this. I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at it too. 

Do join Samantha's Facebook Page if you haven't already. We love you to share your mixed media projects over there and it's a great way to keep up with what's going on with new releases etc. 

Hope to see you there.


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  1. WOW absolutely amazing result-loved the step by step too
    Carol x