Sunday, 2 March 2014

Welcome to My Crafty Hall

Howdy folks!

I've decided the time has come to find my own little corner of blog land and set up home here with all my crafty dabblings. I plan to adorn the walls of Lynda's Crafty Hall  with pictures of my makes and make it all pretty so I hope you enjoy the read. 

While I think I have the basics of blogging sussed out a lot of it is a  mystery to me, so as well as recording my creative journey hopefully it will take me on a bit of a technical journey too and I can continue to improve my skills with both.

Enough of my waffling, time to hang my first picture and most recent make. I was asked recently by a friend to create something in my own style for her to hang in her home. To say I was flattered is an understatement! I mean, cards no problem- people receive them, look at them for a bit then put them away so while I take time and care with them If there are slight flaws I don't see it as a major problem and it just adds to the hand crafted look that I love. But something to go on display in someone's home felt like a whole new ball game. I like a challenge though and looked at it as a way to continue to develop my creative side and I have to say I am pleased I did as I love the way it turned out.

My mum recently treated me the the beautiful Family Tree stencil and Filigraphy stamp set from Clarity after we saw them demo'd on TV and I said how much I loved it and so when Louise asked me to create her something special I thought this would be the perfect thing to use.

I started by using my Gelli Plate and brown acrylic paint to pull a print of the tree itself. It took a few goes to get a print I was happy with but I got there in the end. When dry I put the mask over the top and used distress inks to create the sky,grass and earth and white modelling paste to add texture to the small leaves, which I went on to paint with my Twinkling H20's in autumnal colours.

I stamped the large leaves in  two different colours each to give the effect of the season changing, added the names of her beautiful family members and clear embossed over the top to give them shine before mounting on sticky pads to give them a more dimensional look. To finish the whole thing off I went over the white areas of the tree that had been left when I pulled the print with a distress marker and added a little Flowersoft to the grass to create texture. I mounted it onto gold and brown card to finish it off. 

All in all I think it went pretty well and I am proud to know that a piece of my work will be hanging in my friends own little corner of the world making it look all pretty. Think I may have to make one for myself now too! 


  1. A great first post Lynda x
    I love your family tree, so vibrant :)

  2. Thanks Louise. It's a great set to use. Can't wait to play with it more x

  3. Hi Lynda, great name for a blog ;) lol!, your family tree is fab! It would be nice to follow you other than by email!
    Have a great weekend xx Zoe xx

  4. Haha it's a great name isn't it?! Whoever thought of it for me was very clever ;) Have added another subscribe gadget- does that work better? I'm a bit new to all this so any hints welcome! xx

  5. Now you're blogging you need to start entering challenges as this piece would easily win.
    Looking forward to more of your crafty makes,
    Hazel xxx

    1. Thanks Hazel. I would love to start entering challenges but need to get to grips with the technical stuff first I think lol! x